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Getting slowly back into the swing of things

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Yesterday I finally started pulling bins of fabric out of the closet, going through to start cutting out fabric bowls for the fall season. Cutting out is the tedious part, simply because it involving ironing in one room and cutting in a second room…back and forth for each fabric.

So far, I’ve done a bit of cutting and more of simply pulling stuff that was already cut out and putting it in a pile. In some cases, it’s more of “pulling out one of the two required pieces and trying to see if I already have the second piece cut as well.” I don’t always have both pieces cut, simply because of how the lengths of fabric work out when I’m working.

I’m starting to get a start on things, but I’m also taking it fairly slowly. Until the carpet in the sewing room is re-stretched (hopefully at the end of this week), I don’t want to clutter up the room any more than necessary, since I’ll just have to pull everything out for the work crew later.

I also pulled out about 5 bolts of fabric to wash for making placemats. That’s probably going to be another “while I’m at Mom’s” project, assuming the schedule over there looks as if actual work is going to be an option for the next visit.

Butterfly Season

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The work for the church craft show is coming along. Last weekend was spent making plywood signs to put in people’s yards for advertising. The committee decided to use a butterfly symbol for the show, so we had 20 yellow butterflies draped against the fence alongside the driveway this weekend. The stencils for the lettering were created in such a way that we painted the right wing with one stencil and the left wing with the other. With wording on both sides, that meant a total of four painting sessions. The last one is going to be tomorrow morning. All that will be left at that point is trimming the stakes for putting them in the ground. Dave’s worn himself out this past week trying to get everything done, so I’m not certain when that’s going to be finished, although he’s stated he’s going to try to get it done tomorrow afternoon. They look absolutely awesome!

Progress…and not so much progress

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

The prep work for the church’s first ever craft show is going well. We are basically at our pre-set limit of 50 booths, give or take a couple. It was interesting to see what sorts of vendors we did/didn’t actually have apply to the show.

In the meantime, the work on the boys’ bathroom is essentially complete. The one item that’s left is replacing the light fixtures in the bath, but we’re doing it ourselves so there’s a little less pressure timewise on that aspect. We’re still attempting to find the fixtures we want. In the meantime, the work grew from just replacing the bathroom floor to replacing the floor, removing all the wallpaper, retexturing the walls, painting the bathroom, two bedrooms, and down the hallway upstairs.

All of that additional work required pulling all the toys/clothes/stuff off the furniture and either jamming it in the closets or stuffing it in boxes. The boxes are currently residing on the floor in the living room downstairs, in our bedroom, and out in the garage. The extra furniture is still sitting in the walk up portion of the attic upstairs.

I’m personally counting it as a victory that the nine foot long pinewood derby track case was finally removed from the floor in the dining room where it’s been sitting for the past three years. The track is is its new slightly shorter, slightly lighter (but still heavy) eight foot long case, which was taken to the Cub Scout Pack storage unit after the district pinewood derby last weekend.

Next on the agenda(s) are making and painting plywood signs for the craft show to put in people’s yards for advertising, moving the furniture back out of the attic, unpacking all the boxes of boys toys and books, and making paint/floor/tile selections for the downstairs bathroom, which is currently next on the repair list.

It’s Official

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Some of our church members have been discussing the idea of holding a craft show. We managed to get as far as getting a date on the church calendar last spring, but at that point there were exactly two of us to manage it, and the other person then committed to the area Handbell Festival on the same day. Faced the thought of trying to manage a craft show by myself, with both boys along, while Dave was out ringing was enough to say that we weren’t going to make it work last year.

This year we have a committee of 7-8 members. Apparently I’ve been named the committee chair! We just finished up the application forms and I started emailing them out to vendor friends last night. I’m going to be curious as to how quickly the completed applications start showing up.

April 28, Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, Carrollton, TX 75007. 9am-4pm. Hope to see you there!

Slow but steady progress here

Friday, January 13th, 2012

The lace portion of the new sweater has been finished. Now it’s on to the stockinette stitch section, which truthfully is the largest piece. At least I can do that without referring to the pattern every row.

In the meantime, I’m slowly but steadily ironing my way through the monster size bundle of team fabrics that’s been sitting on the floor in the dining room for the past couple of years. I purchased three medium flat-rate boxes of NFL team fabric scraps from someone else, only to discover that I’d overlooked the fact it was coming from a home with someone who smokes. To say that the fabric reeked would not be an understatement. I washed it a couple of different times, wound up stuffing it all back into large black plastic garbage bags, and just let it sit with the hope that the odor would finally dissipate. Last fall I took a more proactive stance once again…washed it all once more, and draped it outside for a day or two (took a week or more to air all the pieces). There’s still something residual there, but Dave and I can’t quite decide if it’s still cigarette smoke or a result of sitting in the plastic all this time at this point. We’re trying to get things picked up and put away so I’m going through, organizing, ironing and storing all the pieces now. By the time all was said and done, I came away with at least a little bit of fabric for all but two of the NFL teams. I started ironing with the teams that only had a small amount of fabric on hand, and quickly went through the majority of the teams. What’s left are the five or six teams that have a fairly large amount of fabric each.

In other news, our church is planning to host a craft show this spring. We have a date on the calendar, and hopefully as of Sunday we’ll have more than two people willing to help put it together. (Guess who is one of the two current people!) More info (or not, depending on time) as this develops.

Also in other news, one of the two speech paths is likely to start maternity leave as of next week. No official word yet on when/what extra work I may be doing for the district. At least the other one isn’t due for another month. I initially thought the babies were due within a couple of weeks of each other.

Winding up the season

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Only two more shows left for the year. I could add one more yet, but I made the conscious decision to stop after the first weekend in December this year. At the moment, I’m swimming out from under the task of finishing up the remaining placemat sets that were started at the beginning of the season, as well as dealing with the custom orders that have come in. Currently I have three orders that haven’t been started, two that require less than 30 minutes to finish…and about 20 people I need to email about potential orders from the shows the past two weekends.

In the meantime my sinuses went haywire again. I’ve had laryngitis for over a week, and I think I’ll be going back to the doctor again this afternoon to see if we can do something about the cough that’s lingered for the past three weeks and gotten worse over the past few days, irregardless of the three different medications I’ve already been taking for the past 6 weeks. I guess they’re the reason that I’m still upright and functioning, even if I’m losing the battle of upper respiratory health once again.

Apparently yesterday was my lucky day!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

The second craft show for the fall was held on Friday and Saturday. The weather wasn’t great. It was overcast all day Friday, raining by Friday evening, then rained all night Friday night and basically all day Saturday. The good part of that was the fact that we didn’t have children’s sports games as competition for the shoppers’ time. The bad part meant that if they didn’t have to go out anyway, many people just stayed in. Sales were off a good 50% compared to last year’s show. Ironically, the sun finally came out just as everyone was packing up to go home.

As I was loading the tables in the van yesterday, the show organizer came by with the snack cart. They were giving away the last of the brownies for free. She said they had plenty, so I snagged one for each of us at home. Then I made one last trip to the restroom before heading out. Sitting on a table in that front area was a really nice box that was EXACTLY the right size for placemats. (I carry a tape measure in my purse. I checked!) Finding containers for carrying placemats has turned into a fairly neat trick. The commerically available containers are generally about an inch too narrow or too short or much larger than needed with a good bit of wasted space. I assumed someone had left the box at first, but it had cleaning supplies in it. I asked the people at the church if they actually needed the box and they let me take it.

I was on the road by 10 to 6, which was a bit earlier than I’d expected to be out. Our previous packmaster was receiving his Wood Badge and the ceremony started at 6. I got there about 6:20 and was able to see the end of the ceremony. After that, I headed home and started unpacking the van.

When I finished there, I pulled the van into the garage. We have one of those “bumper” things that you drive over and stop to let you know that you’re in the garage but not too close to the front. It had scooted forward somewhat, so I had pushed it back before driving in. I drove in and turned the van off only to realize that I hadn’t actually gotten over the hump, but had stopped in front, so the van was actually sticking out of the garage. I went back to start it up again and move it forward….The van doesn’t start. All I can hear is a clicking sound coming from under the hood. I assumed it was something with the battery at first but Dave says it’s the starter. He suggested letting the van cool, so I’m going to try it again this morning.

Brownies, a perfect box, a ceremony I didn’t expect to make, and a van that doesn’t work. I’m just glad the darn thing waited until I got home to go out!

Quick update: It was the battery after all. I now have a new one, so I’m good to go!

Saturday was a LONG day

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

It was the first craft show of the season, and my only outdoor show for fall. The outdoor part basically means I have to travel with even more stuff than usual…a 10×10 tent, camp chairs, ice chest, etc. Getting set up is more of a challenge partially because of the extra items and partially because everyone else is trying to drive in and drop things off at their site before parking. Because of construction in the area, I was informed that a Friday night set up would be mandatory.

Just before getting ready to head out Friday night, I got an email from another vendor saying that the town was having a terrific thunderstorm at the moment and gave me a contact number to call. I was able to get permission to come in early and set up Saturday morning after all, but “early” in this case meant that I left the house about 4:45-4:50 because I had be unloaded and have the van parked elsewhere prior to 6 a.m.

So I got there, unloaded the van, set up the tent and tables in the dark, and then visited with some other friends until 7ish when it finally became light enough to see what I was unpacking.

The show itself started at 9. I was ready in advance. There was some shade close to where I was sitting, but short of cramming my chair under the crepe myrtle tree and pulling flower pieces out of my hair every time I stood up, I couldn’t find a spot to put the chair that wasn’t actually in sunlight. Even putting it under the edge of the canopy meant the sun was shining down on my head because of the angle of the sun. That didn’t change until almost 2 hours before the show ended. I briefly tried knitting on a scarf in my free time and finally admitted it was too hot to do anything but sit there and endure the heat.

The temperature hit the upper 90’s at the very least, and it was relatively humid due to the storms the night before, so it wasn’t exactly a comfortable day. I was sweating by the time I finished unloading the van before the sun even came up. I forgot to bring extra water, but I did bring extra ice, some soft drinks, and I purchased some bottled water there at the show. Minimally I drank at least a gallon of fluids, if not more.

Breaking down was actually easier than I expected. Putting up and taking down the tent is minimally a two person job, and I had some friends who helped with getting it set up. In the afternoon, there were three high school boys who asked if I needed some help and I jumped at the chance. They broke down the tent and carried most of the stuff over to the van for me. I was loaded up and ready to go an hour after the show ended, and at least 30 minutes earlier than I had expected.

Getting away early meant I actually had the chance to get home in time for the Cabaret program at church. The children’s choir was performing, so both boys were going to be there. Originally we were told that their part would be within the first 15 minutes, and we had anticipated coming home after that. I managed to get there about 10 minutes before the program started, and we actually wound up staying for the entire thing.

I got home at 9, pulled the van straight into the garage and said we’d unload everything tomorrow. After getting the boys in bed, I took another shower and washed my hair again and decided I was done for the day!

4 shows/5 days to go

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

The countdown has started….one show tomorrow, a two day show this weekend, a show the following Saturday and the last show of the season on the following Sunday. I might actually be able to do this!

Sometimes you just never know

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The second show of the season was this past Friday and Saturday. Last year was the first year I tried this particular show, and it was an unexpected gem. For a two day show, the booth rental price was much more than reasonable, and I was happy with the number of sales. One surprising part of the show was that a number of people apparently used it to do their window shopping, and specifically came back to buy at other shows later in the season.

This particular show is a Friday/Saturday show. Last year everyone told me that Saturday was the better shopping day. The other surprise then was that, for me, Friday was definitely the better day.

So, here we are again this year. I was curious to see how Friday and Saturday were going to stack up comparatively, and by Friday night, I was desperately hoping that the “Saturday is really the better day” part of what I was told last year held true….I sold a grand total of one photocard for Dave on Friday. I did walk out with the potential for some custom orders as well, so it wasn’t a complete loss. The fact that the email I received for one of the custom orders turned out to be blocked other than approved people on the list (of whom I obviously wasn’t one) definitely didn’t do my mood any favors that evening after I got home.

Saturday though more than made up for Friday. I ultimately wound up doing about 25% more for the two days this year than I did last year. Additionally, I have contact information for several clients who are interested in some items that weren’t completed yet, so that’s more potential future sales, and I came home with even more potential custom orders.

We’ll see how those pan out….

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