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Momentary progress and a new snag

The new dining room carpet went in last week. The installers arrived 1 1/2 hours early, which meant we were finished that much earlier. When Dave came home, we shifted furniture back into the dining room. Oh, the space! Just the dining room set, the china and curio cabinets, and some plants. In other words, it actually looked like a dining room and not a disaster area. Then we started unpacking the contents of the curio cabinet and bringing the china back down for the china cabinet.

It was during that transfer process that I realized the upstairs thermostat was making a clicking sound, and the temperature reading was higher than the thermostat setting. Time to call the ac people again, about the new just-installed-last-month thermostat.

They were out on Thursday, reworking some of the installation settings, and headed out again. Three hours later, when I was back upstairs, I realized I was hearing the same clicking sound, and once again, the temperature wasn’t right.

Friday afternoon he pulled the entire unit off the wall and re-installed, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Three hours later, there were still no clicking sounds, but the upstairs temperature hadn’t budged down from 86 degrees.

As of now, we’re still on hold waiting for a new replacement thermostat to come in from the manufacturer’s. I hope it comes in this afternoon, as I really don’t want to go another weekend without any ac upstairs, but at this point I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, progress on putting the sewing room back together has stalled out, since the boys are currently sleeping in there. All of the boxes that were in storage for the last round of work in the sewing room came back home, as we had given our move out notice. Since the sewing room isn’t available, everything is stacked in the dining room once again.

On the plus side, last Friday we thoroughly cleaned the aquarium, which was decommissioned over a year ago in advance of the new floor tile installation, and set it back up in the house over the weekend. No fish yet, but we had already decided not to get the actual fish until a couple of other household commitments were finished.

We also picked out a new kitchen light over the weekend (which wasn’t in stock, of course.) It’s here now and installing that will probably be a project for this weekend. After nearly a year, we also selected new lights for the boys’ bathroom. Those are also not in stock, but we haven’t ordered them yet. We’re still trying to finalize the decision on updated lights for the downstairs bathroom so we can order all of those at the same time.

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