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Getting slowly back into the swing of things

Yesterday I finally started pulling bins of fabric out of the closet, going through to start cutting out fabric bowls for the fall season. Cutting out is the tedious part, simply because it involving ironing in one room and cutting in a second room…back and forth for each fabric.

So far, I’ve done a bit of cutting and more of simply pulling stuff that was already cut out and putting it in a pile. In some cases, it’s more of “pulling out one of the two required pieces and trying to see if I already have the second piece cut as well.” I don’t always have both pieces cut, simply because of how the lengths of fabric work out when I’m working.

I’m starting to get a start on things, but I’m also taking it fairly slowly. Until the carpet in the sewing room is re-stretched (hopefully at the end of this week), I don’t want to clutter up the room any more than necessary, since I’ll just have to pull everything out for the work crew later.

I also pulled out about 5 bolts of fabric to wash for making placemats. That’s probably going to be another “while I’m at Mom’s” project, assuming the schedule over there looks as if actual work is going to be an option for the next visit.

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