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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After over two years of foundation work and the resulting home repairs, I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the interior repairs. The foundation work was 2 1/2 years ago, along with a new exterior courtesy of the bee infestation the foundation crew found, and the new roof courtesy of the spring hail storm.

The kids’ end of the house was redone the following fall/winter. The boys had managed to flood the upstairs bathroom, resulting in the need for completely new flooring. While we were at it, we had the bathroom and both bedrooms on that end of the house repainted.

The new downstairs floor tile went in last summer, and the downstairs bath was completed last fall, once we gave up on waiting for our first shower tile choice and came up with a different design.

At that point, we discovered that a family of skunks had taken up residence under the house. (The city has been doing some work on the property at the end of the block and a lot of animals have been displaced.) Six skunks later, we were ready to have some mudjacking done to finish filling in any loose/open areas under the house left from the foundation work. Of course, that was going to mean drilling holes through the slab again. There was no way we were going to bust up our new tile so that meant the sewing room and dining room (aka the only two appropriate areas with carpet, aka my two work areas) were once again going to be completely emptied.

Once the mudjacking was done, we decided to go ahead and replace the carpet in the dining room. It had been the recepient of the overflowing water from the upstairs bathroom flood earlier, so we decided it was time. Par for the course in our case, we managed to select a carpet that was not only out of stock at the warehouse but out of stock at the mill as well. We’re having to wait for the next production run, but the anticipated installation date is next week.

The following week, the crew is scheduled to come out and repaint the kitchen. At that point, the only planned interior work left will be the master bath.

All of which means that, if all goes according to plan (although I’m not holding my breath on that point), I should be able to actually start putting the sewing room and dining room back together into a workable format in about two-three weeks. I still have boxes of stuff from Jean’s to deal with, but we’ve been slowing moving furniture out in preparation for some other stuff from Jean’s house to go in. Ultimately there should be more space in the sewing room than there was before. Once the furniture is in place, some of the stuff in boxes can actually come out and be put away.

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