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Bigger Mess than Usual…I didn’t even think it was possible

Due to the sudden and fairly unexpected death of my aunt, I am now in possession of even more craft items. The sewing room, which was overflowing to begin with, now is bulging under the addition of an entire van’s worth of yarn, thread, fabric, needlework supplies, etc. I’m the niece who’s been most interested in handwork so all of it came home with me. I’m in the process of inventorying everything to see if other family members want any of the items that came home with me. So far, I’ve managed to send off an entire skein of yarn.

I’ll be looking for a home for the majority of this once I confirm that no one else in the family wants it. I just don’t have the space, especially since we’re about to start the next round of home renovations in a couple of weeks.

One Response to “Bigger Mess than Usual…I didn’t even think it was possible”

  1. Therese Hinson Says:

    We have a small quilt club out here in Lago Vista. If you still have any of the quilting or sewing things left over I could ask the ladies out here if they are interested. There is a craft group out here also. I just noticed this on the website. It is so sad to loss a loved one. Blessings from Lago Vista. Therese Hinson

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