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Archive for August, 2011

Home again, home again

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

We just arrived back from a 2 1/2 week trip to Louisiana. That was probably a bit longer than we should have been out, but the boys went to Vacation Bible School the first week and the end of the second week involved not one, but two, family reunions and there just didn’t seem to be a point in making the 6 hour drive home and then back again a couple of days later.

As usual, I packed up a good bit of sewing to bring with me, and given the time frame I was going to be there, I packed considerably more than I typically do. I spent a good bit of time debating exactly how much to bring, and in trying to determine a) what could I reasonably expect to get done in a day, and b) how many days I could realistically expect to work since we were making some side trips as well, and c) how much extra was I going to bring just in case I finished sooner than expected?

I packed so much that I anticipated that I would perhaps barely get it all done but I didn’t really expect to achieve that goal. Then three unexpected factors came into play:
1) Dave wasn’t able to come over for the weekend after all, which meant I suddenly had an additional 3 days to work that I hadn’t factored into my work schedule.
2) Mom set up her sewing machine and started helping out on some of the projects as well. Her machine doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as mine, so there were some aspects that she simply couldn’t do, but her help made things move along more quickly.
3) Instead of using my older machine that’s been over at Mom’s, I brought my current machine. I knew it seemed to sew a bit faster than the older one, but had never done anything to really compare the two. I’ve previously considered it a very productive day if I managed to finish quilting four sets of placemats in a day. Initially this trip I was completing six sets of placemats in a day. This rate of production went on for the first few days but I had to cut back because I actually was having repetitive stress issues with my pedal foot. Not only was the leg sore, but my entire ankle started swelling. Cutting down on the number of placemat sets I was stitching each day saw an improvement.

I made so much progress that I actually completed everything sewing-related I’d brought with me in nine days. I did a small bit of knitting after that, but the knitting project I really wanted to work on had been left at home because I was certain I’d never manage to finish everything and get to it.

The final tally:
42 pillowcases finished
88 catnip puffs finished
42 placemat sets are quilted. Quilting is the first step in the placemat construction so there’s still plenty to do there, but this is a great start for the fall season.

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