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Archive for March, 2011

A Deliberate Slow Down

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I frogged the sweater swatch last night and loosely wound it on the swift. I’m going to let the yarn sit and relax for a couple of days before winding it into a ball and finishing up the sweater sleeves. Right now it’s still fairly crinkly.

Working both ends against the middle

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I pulled out the sweater I’ve been working on again this weekend. Just commenting on how close I was to finishing the sleeves seemed to give me the impetus to get back onto it. I rechecked my measurements, and I only needed about 1 more inch to reach the decrease point. Saturday was too busy for anything except taking that measurement and figuring out the adjusted math for the decreases, but then I was all set for Sunday. The only potentially looming issue was the fact that I was watching one of the two remaining skeins slither down to next to nothing and the second skein was getting fairly low as well. Sure enough, about two rows before the decreases started, the first skein ran out. I did have some more on the remaining skein that I was using for the second sleeve, so I just started using the yarn end on the outside of the ball for one sleeve while using the yarn pulled from the middle for the second sleeve.

This of course meant that the last yarn I had on hand started disappearing at a rather alarming rate. Doing the knitterly thing, I started knitting faster as I got closer to the end just to see if I was going to run out of yarn.

The jury is still slightly out on that point. I have one more decrease and the bind off left to do but company arrived yesterday evening before I could finish. There’s about two or three yards left, but I did notice a bad spot in the yarn as well. I scrounged through the project bag and thankfully I located the yarn from my original swatch. Ultimately I should be okay. I just have to frog the swatch and do some research on relaxing the yarn again. While I may not need it to actually reach the sleeve bind off point, I will definitely need it for seaming.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth yet

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Things just got a little out of hand for a while…

Let’s see, since the last post in November:

1. Finished up the fall craft show season and all the custom orders
2. Reinstituted the making homemade chocolate candy for Christmas gifts tradition
3. Knit a dragon scarf for Dave’s Christmas present (might actually be able to get pictures for that at some point.) I started it about a week before Christmas, worked on it exclusively, and finished on Christmas Eve…other than sewing on the eyes. For some reason, I thought they were supposed to be glued on, so I didn’t have appropriately colored thread on hand.
4. Started knitting a sweater for ME. I made a good bit of progress on this while we were up in Denver at Christmas. I managed to do both fronts, other than the last few rows of finishing that needed to wait for comparison against the length of the back. This one involved EXTENSIVE math calculations. Knit gauge absolutely would not work with what the designer stated. Catherine hinted that perhaps the yarn really wanted to be something else, but I was determined. At this point the back is finished, sleeves have roughly 1-1 1/2 inches before decreasing, and then I can see about putting it all together.
5. Made a resolution to carve out some time for personal projects (see sweater listed in number 4 as example) each week as a New Year’s Resolution. This one hasn’t worked out quite as well as I would have liked. I’m still getting things done, but not necessarily the “personal” projects.
6. Daniel’s Science Fair project. His original idea involved growing plants from seeds but neither one actually sprouted. We wound up doing something involving the pinewood derby track which conveniently happens to be living in our dining room.
7. Basketball season for Daniel finished up.
8. Soccer season for Daniel and Michael started up.
9. Pinewood derby weekend. Dave made a “garage” for displaying the cars. That meant I made 8 little banner flags and then a black and white checkered banner to go across the entire thing. (Again, pictures can probably be posted at some point.)
10. Committed to helping with testing and parent conferences for two other speech pathologists for the next few months. (One of the reasons that the “personal” project resolution has stalled a bit.)
11. Had the structural engineer out to tell us what we actually need to get done about the foundation.
12. Scheduled a leak test per the engineer’s recommendations. Lo and behold, the plumbers actually found a leak. They went through the slab yesterday and are still working on it today. Unfortunately, the entire access to the sewing room (and the knitting project bag) is currently blocked. I wasn’t home yesterday when they started so I didn’t realize this was going to be an issue until it was too late to do anything about it.
13. Dave and I both came down with the flu. Luckily the boys didn’t catch it but the two of us were pretty much out of service for most of a week.
14. Scouting for Food project on two Saturdays.
15. Blue and Gold Banquet…this was the weekend at the end of the flu issue. Dave managed to get himself there after all, but didn’t work in the kitchen as he’d originally intended. (I’m sure everyone there was happy about that.)
16. Had a total of five days over two weeks without school due to weather issues. On the second week, the trickle in the boys’ bathroom intended to help keep the pipes from freezing somehow became the faucet turned on full blast, with the stopper in the drain…and a piece of plastic jammed into the overflow hole.
17. A visit from the water mitigation company to see what needed to be done about the resulting flood.
18. A visit from insurance to cut a check to pay for the repair work. The water got into the subfloor in the boys’ bathroom and at a minimum all of that flooring is going to have to be replaced. Getting that scheduled is still on the to do list.
19. Started working on taxes.
20. Had company over one weekend while their daughter was visiting colleges.
21. Started work on zipper purses. This item has never sold quite as well as I had anticipated. I suspect this is at least partially because it was a custom order and people either wanted it then and there, or didn’t want to deal with shipping. I’m going to make up all the kits I have left and just sell them as is. I’m wading my way slowly through the 40+ kits. Each one is taking half an hour or so to make up. It’s mostly a case of just finding the time and/or energy to sit down and get it done.
22. Have knit several eyelash scarves while sitting at sports games/practices. Not personal projects, but easily portable and they don’t require much in terms of attention.

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