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Archive for October, 2010

Ah…Clean Clothes

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The new washer and dryer arrived early yesterday morning. Dave worked from home so someone would be here when the installers arrived. They were actually here by 8:30ish, and Dave had the first load of clothes going a bit after 10, as near as I can tell. I arrived home about noon and the rest of the day was spent hauling more and more dirty clothes downstairs for cleaning. Typically I haul everything downstairs and sort before I even start, but with nearly two weeks worth of dirty stuff, I didn’t bother.

There were the typical dirty clothes, but there was also the fact that Dave had been at a conference the entire week before and promptly headed out straight from the airport for a Scout Leader Camping weekend…extra dirty clothes. There was the fact that one child still sleeps so heavily that he sometimes wets the bed. There were three sets of sheets and blankets sitting on the floor. There was the load of permanent press that had previously been sitting in the washing machine when the dryer expired that had to be rewashed.

I did step over to the next door neighbor’s house on Tuesday and run one load through the dryer. I knew we could manage until the new set arrived on Wednesday for almost everything. I ran the one load of absolute essentials and she just called me and let me know when they were out again. I love our neighbors.

The last load came out about 10 pm last night and almost everything is put away already. I feel an immense sense of accomplishment.

Surviving October

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

This month is generally one of the craziest ones on our calendar. By October, the craft season is in full swing. Soccer games are still going on. October seems to be the month for Dave’s fall conferences. This year’s schedule for the month is even crazier than most.

So far this month, Daniel’s had soccer practice each Tuesday evening. Both boys have had handbells and choir practice each Wednesday evening, and Daniel has had a Cub Scout den meeting each Thursday evening. Dave and I were responsible for the presentation on arts and artists at his last den meeting.

Michael has had Scout den meetings each week as well, including an additional basically all day Saturday tool workshop at the house. We had a morning session where the kids could come by and demonstrate how to use some of the tools before heading over to Home Depot for the monthly kid kit. Since soccer is still in full swing, we also had an afternoon session at the house for those who couldn’t make the morning session.

As to work, there have been a number of additional trainings that all seemed to fall this month. My 2 1/2 days a week became 2 full days and 2 half-days one week and 3 1/2 days another week. On top of all that, my annual sinus infection roughly a week after Dave starts sleeping with the windows open arrived.

Dave’s already been to Orlando one week for the first conference. He had two presentations at that one. He arrived back home Thursday night, was home Friday, and then was out Saturday for BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) training for Scouts. I had already scheduled a craft show before I found out about his training so Saturday turned into a wild case of logistics. In addition to both parents needing to be in different places, Daniel had his soccer team pictures and a soccer game.

Dave headed out Saturday morning. I dropped both boys off at different houses. Daniel went with a teammate’s family and after the soccer game they dropped Daniel off with the friends who were keeping Michael. We had arranged months ago that this couple would keep the boys on this date (and the other upcoming conflict). After it was all arranged, we discovered that the other two parents also had commitments on that date. Dad was off with oldest son for a talent audition, and Mom is going back to school and had class. Ultimately, they arranged a babysitter for all three boys and we split the cost.

So far, I’ve done two craft shows over 4 days in 2 weekends. I’ve got one more 2 day show coming up this month. Dave has one more all week conference. He’s presenting at that one as well. He’s arriving at the airport from that one and heading straight out to one of the Boy Scout camps for an all weekend training session that same weekend. The boys will be spending the night with our friends again that weekend. I’ve discovered in the meantime that the boys are supposed to be playing handbells at the early church service that Sunday and singing with the children’s choir at the late service that Sunday. I’m still working on the logistics for that one.

After that, there’s Scout Family Camp for another weekend and my high school reunion. I’m going to be so glad when this month is over.

Quick update: The dryer died yesterday in the middle of a load of clothes, with another load waiting in the washer. The repair technician confirmed today that the dryer was 25 years old, and the part alone would be over $200. We’ll be appliance shopping next week.

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