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Archive for August, 2010

Another foot update

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

The latest MRI results did not show a stress fracture, only more edema of “non-specified origin”. In other words, I have a bruised, swollen foot, but they’re not sure why. The good news is I’ve been taken out of the plastic boot. The orthopedist suggested shoes with non-flexible soles….the tennis shoes with the orthotics appear to work, but he also suggested something along the lines of mules, clogs, or thick stiff soled sandals. I bought a couple of pairs of shoes on the way home, and we’ll see how they work out. At the very least, I had to buy new shoes for work, since apparently all my old dressy shoes are actually too small. I’m supposed to go back in two weeks if I’m not seeing any improvement.

Same Song, Different Verse

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

After doing all the tests back in June to discover that I had arthritis, and not a stress fracture in my foot, the next step was being fitted for orthotics. That went well, although not without its hitches….I was informed that I was currently wearing shoes that were too small, so I had to exchange my fairly new shoes for a different size. I was also told to avoid wearing the orthotics for extended periods of time initially, and then I was supposed to go back in two weeks later for another checkup.

Everything was going fairly well, although apparently my feet are structured slightly differently. In spite of the fact that the orthotics were fitted almost exactly the same, the raised prosthetic in one foot fit differently than the other, and it made walking somewhat uncomfortable at first. I knew I was going back in a couple of weeks, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

Then came Monday last week. We were having Fine Arts Week at church, and I had been drafted to help. Mindful of the strictures of how long to be on my feet, I had committed to helping out one day only. That put me on my feet for most of the entire period of 9-12:30, and then the boys and I headed out for errands, including Daniel’s annual checkup. (Another 2 1/2 inches and 9 pounds this past year.) We returned some CD’s to the store, and I had intended to run by the yarn shop on the way home. It was raining by the time we left the pediatrician’s office. That wasn’t enough to deter me from the last stop, but the traffic notice about the accident further ahead blocking three lanes of traffic did. We peeled off on another highway and headed home instead.

My feet were fairly achy by the time we got home at 3:30, and I shortly discovered the reason why. I had a bruise extending across the base of the middle three toes that looked as if I’d popped several blood vessels. There was some swelling as well. Not good obviously, but I was heading back for the second visit with the orthotist on Wednesday morning already. He took a look and told me I needed to go back and get it x-rayed again.

So, Friday was X-rays. Nothing significant showing up there, but the orthopedist said that stress fractures don’t always show up on x-rays for a couple of weeks. I’m in a plastic boot now, had another MRI done this morning, and will be heading back to get the results on Friday.

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