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Move along now…nothing to see here

I have actually accomplished some stuff recently, but no pictures, and most of it hasn’t been sewing/knitting related. Spring Break came and went, my sister-in-law came down for her Spring Break the next week. She helped me remove the damaged portion of the sock, and I’ve actually reknit the toe and have worn them again. Dave has pictures somewhere on his camera.

Immediately after that, we basically pulled everything out of the interior of the office to have the carpets cleaned. Getting everything packed up and out took most of a week. Getting things back in took considerably longer. There are still things that aren’t back in place, and it’s been nearly six weeks. Saturday night we finally pulled the large computer rack out of the sewing room so I can actually walk around the bed on all three sides once more.

In the meantime, the “school is going to be over in less than two months and I’ve got all this work to do beforehand” crunch has started. Soccer finished up. Church choir finished last weekend with a musical production on Sunday. I made the strips of fabric that were the “waves” for the ocean. Dave wound up putting together an 8 foot by 16 foot pvc frame for the backdrop. Daniel participated in the district math competition. Our last Cub Scout pack meeting is this Thursday and we were rushing to finish up the last of Michael’s requirements to officially become a Tiger Cub.

I’m getting there, but not nearly as quickly as I keep pretending I’m going to….

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