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Short Lived Glory

After spending so long on my first socks, I wanted to be sure I got the most mileage out of their first public appearance. I wanted to be sure Dave was available to get pictures, and I wanted to be able to show them off, so I waited until the Pinewood Derby to wear them. Several friends who had seen me working on them would be in attendance and the derby workshops that had occupied Dave’s time for the past three weeks were now finished.

Dave was flying out for Atlanta later that afternoon as well, so I made certain he understood I wanted some pictures taken of the socks before he left.

So, off to the pinewood derby, complete with showing off of the socks, then home again. About an hour before Dave was supposed to leave, I reminded him about the pictures. Off came the shoes and he took some pictures (which we discovered last night were nowhere on the camera anymore, so we’re not certain where the files wound up.)

But as Dave finished up, I turned my foot to one side and noticed something on the bottom of one of the feet:

Picture of sock with hole in it

Picture of sock with hole in it

There it was…I couldn’t figure out how I’d managed to drop a stitch without noticing it. I quickly took the sock off to try to minimize the damage, and headed upstairs to get some “regular” socks on, since it was somewhat chilly in the office. On the way upstairs, I kept puzzling over how I’d managed to drop a stitch without noticing it previously. Chillingly, I remembered this incident and wondered if this was the sock in question.

I came back downstairs, and started examining the hole once more. It really didn’t look like a dropped stitch, it looked more as if the yarn had snapped. Suddenly I realized that I was looking through the hole in the bottom of the sock, and I could see clear through the front of the sock as well. There was another hole on the top, in roughly the same place:

Front to Back Holes

Front to Back Holes

I’m assuming at this point that I will have to cut the entire end of the sock off and re-knit it, but that’s definitely going to be for another day.

In the meantime, I spent nearly two years off and on working on those socks…and I was able to wear them for about 7 hours all told.

3 Responses to “Short Lived Glory”

  1. Cathy R Says:

    Could it be that Clancy “nicked” the yarn when he got a hold of it??? I feel so sorry for you and your poor socks. They were so beautiful too!!

  2. Cat with Cats»Blog Archive » Post of Many Topics Says:

    [...] Please go to this post on my sister in law’s blog to commiserate about her sock tragedy. I feel so bad for [...]

  3. Ginger Says:

    Cat, I suspect that’s exactly what happened, especially since the two holes are basically in line with each other. My guess is that there was a weakness from Clancy’s teeth that I simply didn’t notice.

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