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Today’s Heart-stopping Knitting Nightmare

As I opened the door at the house this afternoon, a very foul odor came wafting out of the house. It didn’t take long to realize that it was a “someone missed the litter box” type of smell, but the litterbox resides upstairs and this aroma was fairly overpowering.

A quick check as I got into the house and I discovered that Clancy, our dog, had had an accident (of both varieties) by the back door. This isn’t typical for him at all, but I can only assume that as cold as it’s been, he simply hadn’t been outside enough after all. We typically put him out when he asks to go out, but don’t necessarily have a regular timeframe to send him.

So, I arrived home hoping only to crawl into the bathtub and nod off, to be hit by a major cleaning job. The worst part….as I turned on the light in the living room to assess the damage….I discovered the other “accident” in the living room.

Apparently, Clancy was also bored enough to help himself to the bag with my sock project. The bag was ripped to shreds, yarn strewn over the living room, loose knitting needle on the carpet. I was just about to cry, thinking I’d have to start all over on those socks. A closer inspection revealed that the damage may be fairly minimal. The loose knitting needle was the extra one without any stitches on it at the moment. All the current stitches appear to still be on the appropriate needles. The yarn in use has definitely been pulled out from the ball. I’ll have to see as I go along if there are any rips or tears. But at least I’m not starting over from scratch!

One Response to “Today’s Heart-stopping Knitting Nightmare”

  1. Cathy R Says:

    Oh No. Poor Clancy. Poor Sock. I’m glad that there doesn’t appear to be any yarn damage.

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