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Archive for October, 2009

A Day in my Life-Deadline on top of Deadline

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Dave’s been out of town this week for a conference, so I’ve been doing the extra duties of all the carpooling for extracurricular activities, which is seriously affecting some of my time for work. In addition, I spent my “free” afternoon from job 1 at the doctor’s office, so I didn’t get any work done on the craft stuff I’d planned on doing that afternoon, which means that this is today’s schedule:

Before school:
Get the boys up and ready for school
Apply fray-check to the next set of napkins so they can be drying and ready for the show tomorrow
Review spelling lists for tests today
Get all the garbage set out for pickup

Drop boys off at school
Head over to Special Ed building for an all-day workshop on legal issues

Head home and work on applying fray-check to the remaining placemat pieces
Start sewing the napkin rings together for eight different placemat sets
Pick up fast food on the way back to the afternoon portion of the legal workshop

Finish the legal workshop and head home
Continue working on napkin rings
Pick up tablecloth for the show from the drycleaners. (This is apparently the year for getting the cloths pressed FREQUENTLY. After one show, I discovered that the vendor behind me apparently had some sort of bug infestation in her wares, and there were little worms all over the tablecloth backing her booth. Last weekend, the vendor behind me spilled a soft drink on the tablecloth.)
Load van for show
Pick up boys
Drive over to set up for show (cannot arrive prior to 5:30, must be there no later than 7)
Get supper
Pick up Dave at the airport at 9
(Probably finish packaging the placemat sets, unless I decide I’m too tired, in which case I’ll get up early tomorrow morning to finish it instead.

Optional, but would be great:
Actually get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded
Fold the massive pile of clothes I washed yesterday so they can be put away

There are, of course, the adjustments that I’ve discovered will have to be made to the schedule as well:

After getting home early from the workshop to work on the napkin rings, etc., again, I found out that Dave’s on an earlier flight. This is actually good, because he’s getting home about 7, but it does mean that I won’t have time to actually finish the setup for the show tomorrow before I need to leave to get to the airport. I’m now going to just take the tables and tablecloths over this evening, and I’ll have to bring everything else and do the set up in the morning instead. It does at least mean that we’ll all be home early enough to finish the placemats and packaging this evening, instead of having to finish them tomorrow. Since I’m now already going to be leaving early tomorrow anyway, this is definitely good.

Latest twist: Dave just called back to say that the airline took his seat back on the earlier flight. Another airline cancelled, and they’re trying to accomodate those passengers. Apparently they take precedence since his confirmed seat is actually on the later flight. We won’t know until later if he’s on the earlier flight or not.

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